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Join us in 2024 as we explore Alma, Kansas!
Image by Kara Eads
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We are where Flint Hills' art & history come alive!


The new Trail Days Arts & History Center was opened and dedicated in 2023. Here we can host events, exhibits, and so much more!

Here at The Trail Days Arts & History Center, we will showcase the art, history, and culture of the Flint Hills area as well as art, history, and culture in general. The idea is to help the world to see our small communities through new eyes, appreciate the diverse beauty and experiences, and enjoy immersing themselves in the art, history, and culture here in the Flint Hills of Kansas. We desire to encourage our local people to awaken to how special they are and that where they live is an amazing place on the world scene.

Here history and culture come together with the arts, expressed through such things as theater productions and artistic paintings to historic artifacts and cultural displays.


This is a magical place where Victorian beauty surrounds you as you explore the “soul” of the Flint Hills. Here your imagination can soar to new heights!  Flint Hills art, history and culture holds a great mystery and if you search carefully for it, and you find it, your life will be enriched and blessed beyond measure!


This facility has the potential to bring recognition to artists, poets, photographers, filmmakers, storytellers, musicians, crafters, historians and other artisans that have a connection to the Flint Hills.


Our Community Theater (famous for professional performances) will be presenting very engaging plays from time to time.


We have created a space for youthful artists to showcase their potential skills to the public.


Our first exhibit, “Bison in The Flint Hills” is planned to open sometime in June of this year. The town of Alma will unveil a portion of its’ treasures and secrets in the Trail Days Arts & History Center, and then be prepared to travel to Alma for “the rest of the story”! This is an adventure for families and groups for sure! We will provide you with an Alma treasure map so you can enjoy a day or two, or three, in the Flint Hills! Our Council Grove Area Chamber/Trade & Tourism Association would be thrilled to help you find overnight accommodations (620)767-5413.


Future themes will be “Native Americans in the Flint Hills”, “Cowboys in the Flint Hills”, and “Rodeos in the Flint Hills”.  Future towns will be Cottonwood Falls and Strong City. You can get a Flint Hills map from us and each time we change our theme, come back with your map and after you see the new exhibit, then you can get a new sticker with the new theme to place on the map. This is a fun family activity to do together.

Take a peek at our Arts & History Center...

About our Santa Fe Trail Mural...


The Santa Fe Trail Mural was funded in part by the Kansas Creative Industries Commission through a partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.


The remaining support came from the Council Grove Area Foundation, Morris County Historical Society, and funds donated to Historic Preservation Corporation.

We thank them and each individual who donated the funds for this important project!

We held a dedication ceremony Sunday, September 29, 2019, where we celebrated the history and culture depicted by this mural. Manager Shirley McClintock presented an explanation of the mural...

Upcoming Events at the Arts & History Center...

No events at the moment
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