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Where food, art, culture, & history come alive in the Flint Hills of Kansas!
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We are where Flint Hills' food & history come alive!


With its foundation laid in Kansas Territory, the Rawlinson-Terwilliger Home was built alongside the famed Santa Fe Trail as Kansas became the 34th state.


Here diners enjoy museum surroundings and a dining experience with history. Guests are transported back to a time when some homes along the Santa Fe Trail served as eating places. We are not "fast food", so be prepared to take your time to enjoy a relaxing time reading, exploring, and having a fun time tasting, smelling seeing, hearing, and being surrounded by history and culture!

This is a special place and unlike anything you have encountered in America. Here the food is part of the museum experience! We always try to make your visit a positive experience with food, culture, and history.

We are trying to make our guests as safe as we can. You are free to choose inside dining, outside dining, carry-out, or curb-side service. The volunteers that work here have had their shots and we tried to space our tables and chairs to keep you safe.


We make a concentrated effort to provide our guests with food as it used to be for the Native Americans, settlers, farmers, and small mid-west towns of America and especially Kansas and our Flint Hills area. We focus on the time period from 1850 to 1980. Eating here is tasting history!


Our food is slow food, that is prepared and served by volunteers who love history!  This is set up to be as much like a home along the Santa Fe Trail as we can make it, visited by Native Americans and travelers. It is also representative of a farm home or Grandma and Grandpa's house. Culture and history meet you here and sweep you away to a long time ago.

We make from scratch, have an extensive menu and because we rely on volunteers -- we can run out of items on the menu -- please come prepared to be flexible. We try to make everything as tasty as we can. We use an old 16th or 17th century spice grinder to grind our own seasonings. We try our best to dish up history, culture, and loving care with our food.

Take a peek inside our restaurant...

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