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In 2018 we received the Business Excellence Award as a non profit organization from the Kansas Department of Commerce.

In 2018 we received the Paul F. Bentrup Ambassador Award in recognition of our significant contribution to the preservation, protection and promotion of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail.

2018-April issue of  "Men's Journal" contains an article entitled:  "The United States of Adventure"  listing  "50 GREAT STATES, 50 EPIC TRIPS-SOME TRIED-AND-TRUE AND SOME WAY UNDER THE RADAR". The entry for the State of Kansas is:  "CYCLE THE FLINT HILLS NATURE TRAIL" and it goes on to describe the trail and then says to stop at the Trail Days Cafe & Museum in Council Grove for the Roast Buffalo!

2018-We were selected on www.thrillist.com , as the best small town restaurant in Kansas. On Thrillist home page click on "Food and drink", and scroll down to "The Best Small Town Restaurant in Every State".                                                                                                                                

2016-We received the "WE CAN" award from the Sampler Foundation for "MAKING HISTORY DELICIOUS"!

2015-The Santa Fe Trail Association awarded Historic Preservation Corporation the Pete & Faye Gaines Memorial Heritage Preservation Award in recognition of having made significant contributions to the preservation, protection, and promotion of the Santa Fe Trail, especially for the work done to certify the Rawlinson-Terwilliger Home in Council Grove, KS.

2014- The Rawlinson-Terwilliger Home was certified by the National Park Service both as an historical site and an interpretive site on the Santa Fe National Historic Trail.   

2018 awards on the wall

2016 Sampler Foundation Award